Interior house decoration

Decoration is an important architectural aspect regarding the finishing of a house. In the modern day architecture, interior design and decoration have been made easy using the MDF skirting boards. These are boards fitted at the bottom lining of a wall. The skirting boards give a house an indisputably excellent interior look. They are an easy and a cheap way to give any house a premium interior look. Due to the difference in tastes and preferences of different clients, there is a wide range of skirting boards available.

Skirting boards designs

The MDF skirting boards are made of different designs to suit different needs of different people. The following are some of the major skirting boards designs;

1. Oak skirting boards – this is a unique skirting board made from oak. These skirting boards are made of different designs such as Oak ogee, Oak antique, oak bullnose rebate, and Oak Henley skirting boards just to mention few.

2. Abbey mdf skirting boards – this is a skirting board design with a groove larger than 15mm. this is one of the most popular modern skirting board design created with a large grove to give any room a modern a unique streamlined look. The design makes the board easy to clean as there is no place for dust to hide.

3. Beveled mdf skirting board – this is a skirting board design closely similar to the chamfer design. However, this design has a lip at the bottom giving it a more defined look.

Characteristics of a good skirting board

1. It should be moisture resistant to increase the durability of the board.

2. It should be free from spots and faults such as cracks and other natural wood stains.

3. It should be easy to clean and fit properly in a room.